Controversy in Pittsburgh

Controversy in Pittsburgh

Gavin Teasdale, Editor

Late Sunday night Steelers defeated the Baltimore Ravens with a final score of 39-38. The Steelers victory clenches the division of AFC North. One of the best Steelers defense players Ryan Shazier got injured in last week’s game against the Bengals and the Steelers got the victory for Ryan. Chris Boswell the kicker won the game late Sunday making it his fourth game in a row winning off a field goal. The Steelers will play against the New England Patriots this upcoming Sunday.

The big talk over the last week has been about Linebacker Ryan Shazier. After winning the game Sunday Night Tomlin said, “Any game the team wins from now and on will be for Ryan.” Going into the game yesterday against the Ravens some of the Steelers wore number fifty shirts underneath their jerseys and wore customized spikes in honor of Ryan. Shazier will definitely be out for the year, but doctors don’t know yet if he’ll ever be allowed to play football again. Reports say Shazier will be going into another surgery Tuesday night.

The win over the Baltimore Ravens yesterday was the biggest win of the year. Not only because Steelers got the Victory, but because the Steelers clenched their way to a division title. Securing a spot in playoffs, Steelers will not have to worry about wins or loses the rest of season until playoffs.  Steelers are in lead of all NFL with a record of 11-2.

The leading receivers of the game yesterday were Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell. Juju Smith- Schuster got suspended for one game due to unsportsmanlike conduct. The Steelers knowing this going into the game could’ve been a big difference. Antonio Brown is leading receiver in NFL and it’s no shock why after watching last night’s game. Le’veon Bell is also the leading rusher in NFL, so you could imagine these two killer B’s got the ball a lot.

The New England Patriots are in second place in NFL right now with a record of 10-2. Patriots will play the Miami Dolphins tonight. Depending on the winner of tonight’s game the New England Patriots could have the same record as the Steelers. New England getting the victory tonight will put Steelers as Co- leaders. The game this Sunday will be the two best teams in NFL going head to head.

With many ups and downs throughout the season Linebacker James Harrison is very mad at Coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin says, “Harrison is like a vintage car; we’ll take him out when we need him.” Harrison did not agree with this statement Harrison said, “If I don’t get to play more this season, there will be a lot of changes to be made come next season.” This statement means Harrison could possibly leave the Pittsburgh Steelers.