The Night That Never Happened

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Gavin Teasdale

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Red Cross Rockets
March 22, 2018

The Hangover is a comedy that always keeps you on your feet. There are many dramatic scenes in this movie, and it always keeps you thinking. The movie takes place in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace, but ends up at many other places as well. The four main characters are Doug, Stu, Phil, and Alan.

Doug is getting married and for his bachelor party he wants to take the four guys to Vegas. They drive out to Vegas and have many issues throughout the way. They check in to Caesars Palace and end up getting the king suite. As the boys are getting ready, Alan leaves to go to the gas station to get drugs. The guys don’t know that. Alan end up getting the wrong drug and ends up with roofies.

The guys do a toast before the night starts and Alan slips the roofies in their drink. The boys wake up the next morning and don’t remember a thing. There is one problem though; the guys can’t find their friend Doug, the one that’s getting married. They try to remember what happened the night before but can’t remember a thing. The boys ended up with a baby the next morning. They have no clue where the baby came from.

Doug is nowhere to be found to be found and the guys start to get worried. In their hotel room in the bathroom, there is a tiger. They figure out later it’s Mike Tyson’s. The guys go to Mike Tyson and ask him if he knows where their friend Doug is. Tyson showed him his house cameras and their friend Doug was with them at this point. There is one other problem Stu got married during the night.

Stu was about to get married before he went out to Vegas and the girl he got married to in Vegas was wearing the ring he was going to give his girlfriend. Stu was speechless and had no clue what to do and to top it all off the guys stole a cop car and ended up going to jail. The guys figured out a way to bail from jail and are still on the look for their friend Doug. Right after the guys got out of jail they were kidnapped.