Beauty Paradox


The media portrays women in a way that hurts self images. Models for various magazines have to be a size 2 or smaller. I looked up, “What do you have to look like to be a model?”. The answers that the internet gave me were horrible. One answer was that to be a professional model you have to fit the sample sizes perfectly, a beautiful face, healthy hair, perfect teeth, and great legs. Not every girl in the world has all of those things that agencies like. In the modeling career, if people are a size six, they are considered plus sized.

Most of society will judge people if you are not the perfect size. In my opinion, that is horrible. I am not sure why people judge others on how much they weigh for beauty. Some people just wear makeup for fun but some also like to cover things up like acne. There is nothing wrong with that at all except for the fact that very young kids are doing it now. At 11, kids are putting makeup on and trying to fit in, they do not need to do that.

Young girls look on apps like Instagram or Twitter and see others who photoshop and wear a lot of makeup. When they see that, they will probably want to look like them. When you are younger, you should have fun, play games, and be happy. You should not try to look 18 when you are 11. Many girls in this society think that beauty is what you need to live and to be happy.