Ending Track and Field


Track and Field for the school just ended and in my opinion, I am a little bit sad about it. Our last meet was Sections and it was at California. There were more than nine schools competing and all of them were half of our schools size. Our team only had about twelve people go while the other schools had more than thirty. Even though our school did not have many people compete, everyone did well in their events.

The ending of this season ended well and bad for me. The last meet that I participated in, I got first but right after I finished, I fell on my knees. It was a funny but it was also quite embarrassing. It did not hurt at first but a few days after, it started hurting pretty bad. After that meet, the whole team went to Pizza Hut and had a great time.

It is upsetting that it is the end of the season because I have made a lot of new friends and I have made many new and happy memories with the team. Track is my favorite sport and it is sad to not have anymore practices this year. Luckily, this will not be my last year running. Over the first part of summer though, I will be participating in track for Valley Speedsters. Valley Speedsters is a track team not affiliated with the school or anything. The track team goes to meets mostly in California and Pittsburgh.

Overall, I am happy about how everything went this year. I am glad that more of my friends participated in track this year with me and I am glad that I made new friends on the way.