General Rule in Society

A general rule in society that we have forgotten is being quiet when someone is talking on the phone.

We have forgotten that because when someone is talking, people still make a bunch of noise even though they know that someone is talking on the phone. Some person could be talking to someone very important, and if it is not quiet, it can make someone mad because they cannot hear what the other person is saying. If someone is playing music in a car and someone has to make an important phone call, the person that is playing the music usually does not even turn the music off while someone is talking on the phone.

Another general rule in society that is forgotten is holding doors for people.

This is forgotten because everywhere you go there’s doors. Every now and then, you will find someone that is nice enough to hold a door open for someone, but most of the time, people do not hold the door for someone to walk inside. A few days ago, I was at the gas station and I was walking behind someone. That person shut the door right in my face and they could not even hold the door open because the person acted like he was in some type of race. There’s also people who will look right at you and they will not hold the door open. It is a good thing to do for people because it shows manners.

The last thing that our society has forgotten is the speed limit. Most people go too fast on the roads and the police usually do not pull anyone over. There’s also people that go at least 20 mph under the speed limit. These things have been forgotten in this society