Forgotten Manners

One of the many rules in society that I believe we forget is the rule of being mannerly and respectful to other people. My parents have always taught me to be respectful to not only my elders, but to all other people. This was the way past generations have been raised and it should continue on as being a rule of society.

It is extremely rude of people to not respect and be kind to others. What goodness does a person get in their hearts from being impolite and rude to another person? Being discourteous to an elder or another person in general accounts for not saying “thank you”, “please”, or calling your elders “ma’am” and “sir”. It can also be as simple as not smiling at another person when they smile at you. For example, I was riding the monorail in Pittsburgh one day when there were no seats available to sit in. An elderly lady with a walker come aboard and had to stand because no one, including a row of teenagers, would not volunteer to stand in her place and give her the seat. It was extremely disrespectful to the elderly lady. In past generations, most people would have gladly gotten up so that the lady could sit down comfortably. This rule has unfortunately been forgotten and people are becoming less respectful to others.

The world we live in today is forgetting important rules of society. These rules keep us kind and respectful to one another. Teenagers in this generation are usually the ones who lack the act of being mannerly. As time goes on and generations pass, people are dropping these rules of being mannerly to others. Being kind to one another gives us a good feeling in our hearts, so why not keep doing it?