Essential Etiquette

I personally believe that one rule that society has forgotten about is cell phone etiquette generally etiquette when talking. I think a huge part that was forgotten was looking at someone and talking to them when they are not looking back is infuriating.


When a conversation is going on one person is conversing with another with both of them looking at each other. This is nice in a multitude of ways such as making the conversation more focused, being more attentive and also being easy to spot a lie. When one person is doing so much as not looking at the other person or doing so much else all of these pros go down the drain and it’s not even a conversation it’s more like a person rambling to themselves. An example of this would be a person having a nice conversation with another person then one of the two pulls the phone out and the conversation should be forgotten or it might lead to getting both people incredibly mad and aggravated. As a person who has had this happen to them and has done it to others, I can say that not only is this completely infuriating but also highly embarrassing for both people involved.
An easy solution to this problem would be to simply put the phone down or to stop what you’re doing and to simply converse with the other person. This prevents almost every problem that not looking at the other person causes and it could help improve your speaking skills by being good at listening. So to sum it up, most conversations where one party is not looking at the other is not a successful one where the conversation does not last very long.