Wi-Fi or No Wi-Fi

Jefferson should have Wi-Fi for the student body. The school would become more liked per say, because the students would be able to use their phones without using up data. Parents of the student body not only pay taxes, but also pay phone bills. As everyone knows, phone bills can get expensive and can continue to raise the more data a student uses.

In school, it is not uncommon for teachers to allow their students time to do what they need or ask them to look something up on their phone. When that happens, data is being used because they are not able to connect to Wi-Fi. If students could connect, it would make it easier to save data and to research information the computers may be unable to get, only because most of the time, the computers run slow. When computers are slow, it makes research harder and makes work harder to get done. Especially when a homework assignment or a study island is due at a certain time.

Just like when students are at home, Wi-Fi is usually connected and makes things so much more efficient. When things are efficient, things are faster and much easier.In the end, WiFi  is beneficial. Not only will the work for students be easier, but so many more benefiting factors come along with it. Almost certainly, if anyone were to ask a student their opinion of the school they attend, they would agree and say it would only make sense to allow them to be connected as well. Computers are connected for these reasons, so why can phones be connected as well for the students?