Do Students Really Need Wi-Fi Availible to them in School?

Wi-Fi in Jefferson-Morgan has always been something that has never been aloud and never really considered. With WiFi being available to students it would mean they can use the internet on their phones or on whatever they need to in the building.

It could benefit the student body by giving them the option to use the internet all day, whenever they need to. As of right now, if a student needs to use the internet to do something or for research and they are not in a room that has access to a school computer then they will have to go to the library and leave their class to find internet.

If a student needs to quickly share a paper with a teacher or finish a paper or a project, they can very easily access it from their phones. Students can also have the option to have their school email on their phones and be able to email their teachers throughout the day. 

If students had access to internet on their phones the process could be much easier and they would be able to research things at any time of the day, wherever they are in the building. Students can access their grades on their phones and it would just be a lot simpler.

Another benefit to to having open Wi-Fi available to the students is the access to social media. Social Media is not something that should be mixed with schooling unless for educational reasons. However, if there was an emergency at the school, it would be very helpful if students had the ability to let people know what is happening if need be and get help.

Teachers and faculty are probably hesitant to the idea because they might think students will want to be on their phones all day, which may be true for some, but it would be beneficial for many more.