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Jefferson-Morgan should definitely get WIFI for everyone. The reason of this is because we should be able to use it in our free time, we will not have to use our data, and it is something that every teen uses nowadays.

WIFI has been something that all teens had fell in love with over the years. It is useful and we can use it in our free time. Whenever students get done with their work done they usually go on their phones. Just by having WIFI can make the student happy.

Data is a very hard thing to manage as a teen. You have to be careful by how much you use and make sure you do not go over your data. Most of the time when they do go over their data, it will either be shut off or they will just stop using their data. If the school was to get WIFI, students will  not have to worry about using all of their data.

WIFI is the best thing that was created for students. Just about every teen cherishes it so much and thinks it is the greatest thing ever. Just about every time they go to each others houses, the first thing they ask for is the WIFI pass code. It is actually pretty funny that they do this to. It just shows that WIFI is life saver for teens and that it is very useful.
WIFI would be good to have because we can use it in our spare time. We can use it instead of using all of our date. Also we need it just because every teen loves it and needs it.